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Specialty Sporting Goods. Longshot, located in Athens, WV is a full service sporting goods store specializing in reloading and hunting accessories.

Questions & Answers


Why should I reload?


The benefits of reloading are numerous; one of which is accuracy. Reloading offers the shooter the ability to tailor the load to each firearm to achieve the greatest accuracy and performance possible. Many people find enjoyment in the challenge of perfecting their loads in which factory ammunition may fall short; especially where accuracy is involved. Reloading offers the enthusiast the template to perfect his or her art in the attempts of getting the "one hole group" which many reloaders strive to obtain. One of the other reasons of reloading is price. Reloading offers the shooting enthusiast the ability to shoot more at a fraction of the price when compared to factory ammunition. On average, it is possible to save 30% or more when comparing reloaded ammunition to factory prices. This savings not only allows for more time shooting, but it also helps to justify the expenditure on reloading equipment. For more information on reloading....fill out the information on this page.


What type of reloading equipment should I purchase?


The employees at Longshot Inc. can help assist you in your decision making process. There are several types of reloaders currently available. One is a single stage press. This reloader, as the name implies, performs one operation at a time. This gives the utmost accuracy and control at every operation of the reloading process. Most people looking to load small quantities at a time, with accuracy being predominately the driving factor, prefer the single stage press. Then, there is a progressive press. While the progressive press does offer accuracy, the main difference is speed. Those who are looking at loading a significant amount of ammunition at one time would benefit from this type of press. As the press is in operation, one pull of the handle will generate one loaded cartridge. It is not unreasonable to achieve 800-1000 round per hour of pistol cartridges with certain types of this press. Reloading can be a very simple process or it can be very tedious for those such as Bench Rest Shooters. This depends on the type of loading and accuracy you are trying to achieve coupled with the volume. Either process can be a very relaxing and fulfilling adventure.


What firearm should I buy for self defense?


When choosing a firearm to carry for self defense, you should look for one that feels secure when you hold it as well as fitting your hand size. And remember to practice in order to become proficient. The employees at Longshot Inc are professionals and will help you make an informed decision on your purchase.



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